With the current inclement weather and many grass pitches already being unplayable; we have decided to ‘suspend’ (for this week only) the requirement for the match referee (only) to postpone fixture.

Clubs may do so, but only after having actually reviewed the pitches themselves (in person) and deciding if they are fit for play or not.

We suspect that this will not apply to 3G/4G pitches.

To be clear, fit for play, is not that the pitch has snow on it, or it is cold, but that the lines are not visible (or cannot be swept away) or the surface is icy or dangerous.

Clearly there is judgment involved in this and we would ask all clubs to work in good and fair spirit to make this decision.

If a game is postponed please make contact with the opponents and the match referee to advise them.

Also, please communicate with the Results’ Service to advise them (both home and away team) of the postponement. This MUST still take place.

As an additional exemption (for this one week only), we are also suspending the requirement to fill in an unplayed match result form on the web site.

We hope the above is a pragmatic response to the current conditions and is welcomed by all.

Have an enjoyable week-end.


PS – we will plan to reschedule all postponed league cup matches from 4th March to 11th March.