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HYFL Trophy Competition

The finals were played at ACTON EALING WHISTLERS YOUTH FC
Sunday 12th May 2019 – League Trophy Finals
Under 12 (Beta)
Pitshanger Red 2-2 St Law Red (St L won 4-3 on pens)

Under 12 (Beta)
Kodak Youth Red 0-0 Wealdstone Y W(K won 4-3 on pens)

Under 13 (Alpha)
Harrow United Red 2-3 Ruislip Rangers Red
Under 13 (Beta)
Kensington Dragons Red 1-2 Hanwell Town Red

Under 14 (Alpha)
London Athletic Red 2-3 Langley Youth Red

Under 14 (Beta)
Eagles Red 0-1 Venceremos Red

Under 15 (Alpha)
Sandgate Youth Red 1-0 London Athletic Red

Under 15 (Beta)
Pitshanger White 2-1 Brentham C R (B won 4-1 on pens)

Under 16
Magix Youth Red 9-1 Headstone Manor Red

Under 17/18
Acton Ealing Whistlers Red 1-0 Pinner United Red

League Challenge Cup Finals - Season 2018-2019

Under 12
Celtic Red 2-0 Parkfield Youth Red

Under 13
Bessingby Park Rangers Red 5-4 Brook House Red

Under 14
Brook House Red 1-0 ProFA Red

Under 15
Magix Youth Red 1-3 Ruislip Rangers Red

Under 16
Eagles Red 0-2 West Drayton Red

Under 17/18
Fusion Youth Red 3-1 Ruislip Rangers Red

All finals played at North Greenford United

League Cup Draw - 2018-2019

The draws have been made for this season's competitions and can be downloaded here.

Good luck to all involved.

22 Aug 18

2018-2019 Divisional Constitution

The League is pleased to announce and publish the final divisional composition for season 2018-2019 - see here.

12 Aug 18

2017-2018 Roll of Honour

Under 12 PremierIckenham Youth ARuislip Rangers
Under 12 Div 1Brook House AMagix Youth
Under 12 Div 2Wealdstone Youth ABrunswick
Under 12 Div 3Football SamuraiEagles A
Under 12 Div 4Ickenham Youth BLondon Eagles A
Under 12 Div 5Greenford Celtic BOld Actonians
Under 12 Div 6Kodak YouthLondon Athletic B
Under 13 PremierWembley YouthLondon Athletic A
Under 13 Div 1Hanwell TownCeltic
Under 13 Div 2Parliament HillBessingby Park Rangers A
Under 13 Div 3Forest UnitedSt Lawrence
Under 13 Div 4Pitshanger BVenceremos
Under 13 Div 5St Josephs BIckenham Youth C
Under 14 PremierSandgate Youth AParkfield Youth A
Under 14 Div 1Football SamuraiLondon Athletic A
Under 14 Div 2Acton Ealing WhistlersParkfield Youth B
Under 14 Div 3Forest UnitedSandgate Youth B
Under 14 Div 4Wealdstone Youth CBrentham Colts
Under 14 Div 5Bessingby Park RangersWealdstone Youth D
Under 15 PremierAFC WembleyMagix Youth
Under 15 Div 1EaglesHendon Youth A
Under 15 Div 2Brook HouseWealdstone Youth
Under 15 Div 3Headstone ManorVenceremos
Under 15 Div 4London AthleticIckenham Youth B
Under 16 PremierRuislip RangersBrook House
Under 16 Div 1Spartans YouthHanwell Town A
Under 16 Div 2TFA TotteridgeParkfield Youth
Under 16 Div 3Hanwell Town BActon Ealing Whistlers C
Under 17 PremierActon Ealing Whistlers AHeadstone Manor A
Under 17 Div 1Tufnell ParkKodak Youth
Under 18 PremierSpartans YouthKodak Youth


Under 12 Alpha Group
AFC Wembley 1-1 Brook House A
Brook House won 5-4 on pens

Under 12 Beta Group
Eagles A 2-0 Youngs

Under 12 Gamma Group
Hanwell Town B 3-0 St Josephs C

Under 13 Alpha Group
Ruislip Rangers 1-2 Wembley Youth

Under 13 Beta Group
Larkspur Rovers A 2-4 Pitshanger B

Under 14 Alpha Group
AFC Wembley 5-0 Magix Youth

Under 14 Beta Group
Bessingby Park Rangers 4-0 Ickenham Youth B

Under 15 Alpha Group
Brook House 1-2 West Drayton

Under 15 Beta Group
Headstone Manor 6-0 Princes Park

Under 16 Group
Acton Ealing Whistler B 3-0 Hanwell Town A

Under 17/18 Group
Pinner United 2-1 Tufnell Park


Under 12
Hanwell 4-2 Ruislip Rangers

Under 13
Hanwell 2-1 Magix Youth

Under 14
Parkfield Youth A 2-0 Hanwell

Under 15
AFC Wembley 5-4 Magix Youth

Under 16
Ruislip Rangers 1-0 Forest United

Under 17/18
Wealdstone Youth 7-5 Acton Ealing Whistlers A


As previously advised, the League Management Committee has now fully discussed the remaining number of matches that each team has to play this season.

As a result, it has been decided that, subject to on-going favourable weather conditions, League Challenge Trophy competitions will be introduced at this stage at all age-groups. Matches will start as from Sunday 11th March 2018.

The League’s objective is to maximise football for all teams, and we believe and trust that the introduction of the above competitions will be welcomed by all member clubs.

The Committee has considered each age-group separately and then considered each team within that age-group. Not all teams in each age-group have been sanctioned to enter. This is based on the number of League and other games each team has still to complete and the number of free weeks left in the season. This is the final decision and cannot be appealed as entry is by invitation only.

The fully sanctioned draw is here.

The terms and conditions of playing are as set by the Management Committee, in accordance with Rules. Full details will be sent out shortly but, in summary, each team will play the other in their ‘Group’ (home or away at the sole discretion of the League Fixture Secretary) – with progression to the next knock-out rounds. These knock-out rounds will be played and extra time and penalties, where necessary, decide the winners (except in the final tie where no extra time will be played and penalties, where necessary, will decide the winners).

If weather conditions deteriorate further in the coming weeks then, under Rules, the Management Committee reserve the right to cancel any of the competition age-groups or to withdraw any team or teams from the competition at its sole discretion. This decision, if taken, is final and binding. League and League Challenge Cup matches will always take precedence in this decision process.


Andy Lowe
Chairman and Executive Officer
For and on behalf of the League Management Committee

3rd March 2018


With the current inclement weather and many grass pitches already being unplayable; we have decided to ‘suspend’ (for this week only) the requirement for the match referee (only) to postpone fixture.

Clubs may do so, but only after having actually reviewed the pitches themselves (in person) and deciding if they are fit for play or not.

We suspect that this will not apply to 3G/4G pitches.

To be clear, fit for play, is not that the pitch has snow on it, or it is cold, but that the lines are not visible (or cannot be swept away) or the surface is icy or dangerous.

Clearly there is judgment involved in this and we would ask all clubs to work in good and fair spirit to make this decision.

If a game is postponed please make contact with the opponents and the match referee to advise them.

Also, please communicate with the Results’ Service to advise them (both home and away team) of the postponement. This MUST still take place.

As an additional exemption (for this one week only), we are also suspending the requirement to fill in an unplayed match result form on the web site.

We hope the above is a pragmatic response to the current conditions and is welcomed by all.

Have an enjoyable week-end.


PS – we will plan to reschedule all postponed league cup matches from 4th March to 11th March.


As you are all aware, Wednesday 28th February is the last date (under rules) to be able to register, de-register, and transfer players for this season.


If you are registering new players; then the system will lock-down after midnight on 28th February and you will not be able to register any more players.

So, please do plan ahead now and register the players as early as you can.

If you register a player at the last minute and there is a problem with the registration (i.e. the photo is not of the right quality, etc) then the registration will subsequently be rejected and cannot be actioned; and the player will not be able to play this season. So, please do plan ahead now and ensure complete accuracy with the registration process.


If you wish to de-register a player then you must return the player laminate ID card and we will action. Wednesday 28th February (6pm) is the deadline (to allow us time to action on the system). We are not able to action without the return of the original laminate.


These have to all be actioned by us no later than Wednesday 28th February.

So, if you are looking to transfer a player from another club please do contact them now to get permission and have the player laminate ID card returned to us.

Unless we have seen permission from the previous club AND we have received back the original player laminate ID Card by 6pm (to allow us time to action on the system) on Wednesday 28th February – then the transfer cannot and will not be actioned; and the player will remain a member of his original club for the rest of this season.

To be clear, we MUST receive back the original laminate back – if we do not then the transfer cannot take place (under rules).

The same applies for transfer of players between teams within the same club.

We must have back the player laminate ID card and a note of which team you wish to transfer him/her to by 6pm on Wednesday 28th February; so that we can action. If not, then the player remains with his/her original team for the rest of this season.

Thank you
HYFL Management Committee