Reporting Match Results

Following questions asked by several clubs when reporting their results, please note the provisions of Rule 11(b) concerning communicating your result on the day of the game.

The HOME club must report the result of all League and League Cup games - this includes matches which appear on the fixture list but which have been postponed for whatever reason (weather, county cup tie, inability to raise a side etc.) Away clubs are welcome to do so, but are not required to.

In addition all clubs, whether home or away, must report county cup results or, again, matches which have been postponed.

You can report your result one of three ways (NB - you can choose one - there is no need to do all three)

By telephone to 01895 717 517
By text to 07797 800102
By email to

In all cases remember the age group and division and always report the home team score first - even if you are the away team. The deadline in all cases is 5.30pm on a Sunday.