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League Challenge Trophy Competitions

As previously advised, the League Management Committee has now fully discussed the remaining number of matches that each team has to play this season.

As a result, it has been decided that, subject to on-going favourable weather conditions, League Challenge Trophy competitions will be introduced at this stage at certain age-groups. Matches will start as from Sunday 7th February.

The League’s objective is to maximise football for all teams, and we believe and trust that the introduction of the above competitions will be welcomed by all member clubs.

The Committee has considered each age-group separately and then considered each team within that age-group. Not all teams in each age-group have been sanctioned to enter. This is based on the number of League and other games each team has still to complete and the number of free weeks left in the season. This is the final decision and cannot be appealed as entry is by invitation only.

HOWEVER – as previously advised, this will be reviewed again in mid-February and again in mid-March and additional trophy competitions will be added at each of those times as appropriate; including, if necessary, further competitions at the age-groups already set.

The fully sanctioned draw is here.

The terms and conditions of playing are as set by the Management Committee, in accordance with Rules. Full details will be sent out shortly but, in summary, each team will play the other in their ‘Group’ (home or away at the sole discretion of the League Fixture Secretary, or both home and away) – with progression to the next knock-out rounds. These knock-out rounds will be played and extra time and penalties decide the winners (except in the final tie where no extra time will be played and penalties will decide the winners).

If weather conditions deteriorate (or do not improve) in the coming weeks then, under Rules, the League Management Committee reserve the right to cancel any of the competition age-groups or to withdraw any team or teams from the competition at its sole discretion. This decision, if taken, is final and binding. League and League Challenge Cup matches will always take precedence in this decision process.


Andy Lowe
Chairman and Executive Officer
For and on behalf of the League Management Committee

26 Jan 16