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News Update - Summer 2021

To all Member Clubs.

We hope that you are all keeping safe and well; and also all of those in your club and footballing community.

Application and Details Forms

The Harrow Youth Football League (‘HYFL’) (Under 12 to Under 18 age groups) and the Harrow Soccer Combination (‘HSC’) (under 7 to Under 11 age groups) have released the club application and details forms forms for season 2021-2022; which are now available to download and complete from the HYFL Guides and HSC Guides tabs herein. The deadline for receipt of such forms is Friday 10th September.

Player Registrations

We currently plan to open up and make available the HYFL/HSC ‘player registration system’ as soon as the above forms are received from each club; which we will then do so in batches. We will advise each club as soon as they can register their players on the HYFL/HSC system; along with the current Player Registration Guide for season 2021-2022.

Fixture Programme - HYFL

It is our current intention for the HYFL fixture programme to kick-off (for all teams in all age groups) on Sunday 3rd October (subject, of course, to any implications consequent from Covid). Matches will run from Sunday 3rd October 2021 to Sunday 19th December 2021, and then from Sunday 9th January 2022 to end-May 2022 (excluding 17th April which is Easter), depending on the completion of the fixture programme and any Covid implications.

Fixture Programme - HSC

It is our current intention for the HSC fixture programme to kick-off (for all teams in all age groups) on Sunday 10th October (subject, of course, to any implications consequent from Covid). Matches will run from Sunday 10th October 2021 to Sunday 19th December 2021 (Phase I – 11 weeks), and then from Sunday 9th January 2022 to Sunday 27th March 2022 (Phase II – 12 weeks).

County FA affiliation

Can all clubs please ensure that each and all of your teams are affiliated with the County FA (for most clubs this will be Middlesex FA) as soon as possible; and also entered into any County cups (U/12 to U/18) that you wish them to play in (noting the deadline dates set by the County if you wish to enter). Please do liaise with the County FA directly if you have any issues in that regard.

Thank you
HYFL/HSC Management Committees
July 2021

Supplementary Matches - U16 & U18

The League has (for all age groups Under 12 to Under 18 inclusive) reviewed the number of League games each team has played to date and the number of available weeks until the extended final end of season – Sunday 27 June.

As previously communicated, we are committed to provide/facilitate football so players can participate in grassroots football (for their health and mental well-being) and to catch up on some of the lost weeks due the Covid-19- lockdowns.

It is on the basis that we are able to arrange some additional matches in certain age groups - being Under 16 (except division one teams) and Under 18.

All other age-groups will have a near-full League fixture programme to participate in.
The groups for these additional matches are set out below.

Each team will play each other just once (home or away) and the League will set these fixtures in the period Sunday 16 May to Sunday 27 June.

As we said, this is solely to provide additional competitive matches for these teams; this is not a competition in of itself, just extra games to make up for lost time.

All conditions apply to these matches as though they were League games.

Thank you
HYFL Management Committee - 5 May 2021
UNDER 16’S (six groups)
Celtic Red
Hanwell Town Red
London Athletic Red
United Youth Red

Brook House Red
Larkspur Rovers Red
Pitshanger Red
St Josephs Red

Belmont Bees Red
Hillingdon Abbots Red
Princes Park Red
ProFA Red

Concorde Rangers Red
Ickenham Youth White
Kinja Youth Red
West Drayton Red

Acton Ealing Whistlers White
Ickenham Youth Red
Old Actonians Red
Pitshanger Blue

Bessingby Park Rangers Red
London Athletic White
Ruislip Town Red

UNDER 18’S (thee groups)
Harrow St Marys Red
Hendon Youth Red
Pinner United Red
Pitshanger Red

Belmont Bees White
Magix Youth Red
Old Actonians Red
Pinnstars Red

Belmont Bees Red
Forest United Red
Hillingdon Youth Red
Kodak Youth Red
St Josephs Red

Competition Suspension - January 2021

We have just been advised that, following this evening’s Government announcement as to a full lockdown across England - Grassroots football (Under 7 to Under 18) is ‘suspended’ as from today until further notice.

As a result, the HYFL/HSC programme of fixtures are now also duly suspended.

We will provide further details as to a re-commencement date as soon as this becomes clearer from the Government; but it is unlikely to be before early March.

Please keep safe; and we wish you and the entire footballing community the very best in these challenging times.

Andy Lowe (Chairman)
4 January 2021

Latest Tier 4 Guidance

The Government have re-confirmed (as of 30 December 2020) their guidance of 19 December 2020 (when London/South East regions went into Tier 4 restrictions); which states that organised outdoor sport for Under 7 to Under 18 age-groups (inclusive) is allowed. Therefore, all matches in the Harrow Youth Football League (HYFL) and Harrow Soccer Combination (HSC) can continue as from the planned date, post Xmas/New Year break, of Sunday 10th January 2021.

It is extremely important that clubs, players, coaches, match officials, volunteers, parents, carers, and facility providers continue to follow both the Government's latest guidance on Covid-19 and bespoke guidance from The Football Association.

This position is kept under regular review by both the Government and The FA and, if the position changes, then the above guidance may need to be amended. The guidance is ‘not’ predicated on any separate decisions taken by the Government about education and school openings from January 2021.

There are challenging times for society in general, and for all involved in grassroots football; but it is clear that the Government/FA recognise the importance of children’s mental and physical well-being in their decision-making process.

The HYFL/HSC remain committed to following all of the guidance from the Government and The FA and to continue to facilitate football, in a flexible manner, for the near 10,000 players who play within our organisations.

We wish all clubs, players, officials, and parents best wishes for the New Year 2021; and hope that our lives can return to a form of normality as the year progresses.

Andy Lowe
Chairman and Executive Officer

31 December 2020

2020-2021 Constitution

The make up of the divisions for the new season has been published and can be seen here.

26 Sep 20

Virus update - 17 Mar 2020

To all member clubs and referees.

As we communicated last week, it is the intention of the HYFL and HSC to follow the guidance issued by the two key bodies - The Government and Public Health England (PHE); as well as any announcements by The FA/Middlesex FA, and not to form our own views or to take a position which is contrary to their guidance.

Yesterday evening we liaised with PHE and The FA/MFA and, following the Government’s recent announcement for people to avoid (where they can) direct social contact and gatherings (including now grassroots football), where possible, the Harrow Youth Football League and Harrow Soccer Combination have taken the decision to postpone its ‘full’ fixture programmes for the foreseeable future.

Over the coming days and weeks, we will continue to liaise with the central and governing bodies and advise of any updates in due course.

The priority is the health and wellbeing of all - and we wish all club officials, managers, coaches, players and their parents, the very best in these difficult times.

If all club administrators can please ensure that all matters are up-to-date for all matches scheduled up to and including Sunday 15th March.

If you have any questions please do contact me.
Andy Lowe
Chairman – HYFL/HSC

17 Mar 20

Virus update

You will all have been monitoring the news yesterday and today, and will have seen that we are currently experiencing a fast-moving situation in relation to Coronavirus.

As we did last week, the HYFL/HSC has reviewed, in detail, the guidance provided by the two key bodies – the Government and Public Health England (PHE); as well as announcements made by The FA/Middlesex FA. We have also liaised with The FA/MFA and PHE this afternoon.

It is the intention of the HYFL and HSC to follow the guidance issued by these central bodies, and not to form our own (ill-informed) views or to take a position which is contrary to their guidance.

The Government and PHE guidance (and that of The FA/MFA) currently does ‘not’ indicate that smaller-scale sporting events (such as grassroots football) should be postponed.

As a result, the HYFL/HSC fixture programme currently remains in place.

Strict hygiene standards should be followed at all games, to include no hand-shakes (which is now the clear guidance) and regular washing of hands with soap and water (or hand sanitiser gel).

If a match is postponed/defaulted – then, as with all games, an on-line unplayed/defaulted match report form should be submitted by both clubs – and the result/outcome of the match will be determined in due course over the following weeks.

The above will be kept under review on a week-by-week basis.

15 Mar 20

Coronavirus (Covid-19)

We have been in contact with The FA/Middlesex FA and Public Health England about the situation and any impact on Grassroots Football.

At the current point in time, there is no advice, guidance or instructions to say that we should not continue as we are.

However, as a precaution, the League/Combination has decided that, as from today, there is no ‘requirement’ to include the pre and post-match handshakes as part of the Respect programme. This is purely precautionary, and clubs may continue to do so if they wish. We are merely taking away the ‘mandating’ of this until further notice.

Clearly, if Government advice changes in the coming weeks, then we will update clubs as to the League’s/Combination’s position.

Thank you
Andy Lowe - Executive Officer
Harrow Youth FL/Harrow Soccer Combination